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Poverty in Romania
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Children Center

Tailoring for girls & boys
in Brateiu & Valea Corbului

To offer the youth, especially the girls an education, we started in two centers with regular tailoring-and sewing-courses.

Experianced tailors teach the children how to use twist, needle, scissor and sewing-machine. The youth sew for themself and their parents small items for the daily life like kitchen-apron, shopping-bags, school-bags, rucksacks, etc.

Our tailor Mimi in her atelier present clothes selfmade by the children.


Our tailor Bianca present selfmade school-bags and rucksacks for own use. View of a classroom.

Our tailor Adriana adjust the tailoring machine

Here the children learn how to stitch, to cut or to change clothes. After the girls completed succesfully their course and do not find a labour in a company, then we give them a own electrical sewing-machine, so they can manage to earn their own regular income.

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