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The need in thousand of villages in Romania is indescribable. Crop failure and strong winters hits specially the poor. Especially children suffers malnutrition, less hygiene and seasonal clothing. Barefoot in the snow is often seen, as well as tattered clothing, tangled hair and big hungry eyes. On countryside they try to collect mushrooms, nuts and berries to earn some food or money. In the cities they slide often as orphans into drugs and prostitution.



We built up day-care-centres, to make a social care possible. Often maltreat by alcoholised parents and forced to beg, they hardly know human warmth, care and charity. In our day-care-centres considerate co-workers look are them. Infant children are supervised the full day, school-aged children are coming for doing their homework and for common singing, playing, handicrafts and a meaningful leisure-time activity.

Education to hygienic manners, regularly fit out with new sets of clothes thanks to donations from abroad, as well as daily feeding programs are our major concerns.



In the two last winter-season we could provide the Romanian children with thousands of warm sleeping-bags. Hamish MacGregor from Scotland is distributing them himself directly to the needy children.