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Children center Zavoi
In close neighborhood the the industrial town of Pitesti is located the village Zavoi. Here several hundred people are living in incredible poverty and need. With any help of the goverment and without labour they vegetate ahead.

Their huts are scanty fixed wodden shacks. The roofs mostly leak, so wind and rain drag and soak their dwellings. During winter it's lousy cold and unpleasant. The mostly broken windows are scanty covered with plastic foils.

Around the huts accumulate the rubbish, which offers rats and vermins a good surroundings. A canalisation or freshwater-pipe doesn't exist here. On a rainy day the whole area becomes a ankle-length mud and morast.

For cooking they use open fire, because inside their huts the danger of fire or suffocation is to strong. Many of the 137 children below 14 years live or vegetate in this place without any perspective of a better future. Often they suffer of malnutrition and lack of medical care.

Due to lack of proper clothes a visit at the next govermental school is impossible. So the children remain analphabets. We try to meet the heaviest need through distribution of relief goods. Every family receives pre-sorted suitable clothes and shoes.

To prepare the children for a future school attendance we built a wooden house to teach them first the basic hygienic and social skills, as well as the ABC and the little 1x1. Through this we want to prepare them to attend the regular school lessons at govermental schools.

In the year 2007 the village was divided. The rumanian goverment decided to built the highway Pitesti-Bucuresti exactly though this gypsy-village. Many huts have been demolished to make way. Through this decision the poverty among these poor people increased more, because they receive no sufficient compansation for the lost of their huts.

Children during winter 2007/2008 in poverty. Barefoot and without proper clothes they live in filth. Here we try to help them with warm clothes, shoes and warm sleeping-bags to ease the misery.

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