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Children center Valea Corbului
In the south of Romania is a remote valley which can be reached only on a non-asphaltic road. At the end of civilisation is located the village Valea Corbului. At our first visit in the year 1994 we discover poor unhuman conditions there.

We started to help with the distribution of relief goods, to cloth the many childrens there. Also we started to give them daily food, to meet to painful hunger. Thanks to many donors we could manage to built a large building as a day-care-center.

In three classrooms more than 120 children gather daily in different age-groups and receive intensive care through our co-workers. The excellent private lessons and homeworks was mentioned and praised several times by the goverment school authority and also broadcasted in the romanian television.

Every summer the children and youth learn a self-composed theatre play. Their imagnitative costumes they tailor and sew themself. The public performance attracts many curious and are the highlight in their grey daily life.

To support their talents and to offer them a professional perspektive, we established a tailoring school for them. Young ladies are learning this craft to help themself and to support once their future families with a regular income.

For these young fellows we started with vocational training as locksmiths and car mechanic. Since spring 2005 several youth were trained in various companies in the next town, until we opend in 2008 our own training center with locksmiths and carpentry.

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