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Children center Valea Corbului - de Sus
The village Valea Corbului stretched along a long valley. A non-asphaltic road wriggle through the villiage uphill. In autumn and winter the only road of the village becomes a endless mud and morast. Additional to the earlier darkness, many children do not venture of of the doors to visit our main day-care center at the entrance of the village. Alos many wild dogs block their safe way to visit the main center.

For this reason we decided in 2007 to built a extra center at the other end of the village. Now daily about 80 children come to sing and play. Under professional supervision by our co-workers they receive private lessons and do their homeworks for school.

Our children are learning songs for christmas time. At christmas 2008 the youngest one´s rehearse a little theatre play. During our visit they proudly present it to us. The shepards (left) wear real sheep coats and sit arround a crib of strow.

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