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Children center Rascol
In northern Romania in a remote beautiful valley is the village Rascol. It´s not mentioned on any road map or atlas, but more then 100 families lives here in extrem poverty. Every family took their drinking water with buckets from the creek, until we built a proper well.

To give the totally backward children a perspective of a better future, we started in 2002 to built a children day-care center at the entrance of the village. With help of the parents, which are in majority unemployed and analphabetics, a nice building with two classrooms was created.

Equiped with discard school furniture from Landau, our co-workers try to train these children with basic hygienic and social instructions. These up to now totally degenerate children learn now struggling to be re-integrated in the nomal society. Only after learning the social and scholar basics , they are allowed to enter a goverment school in the next town.

Bonnie MacGregor share the gospel to the children. After listening very carefully the story, they answered several questions and then receive a tasty slice of butter-bread.

Regularly our voluntary ministry members visit our projects in Romania to encourage our local staff and to bring again relief goods and as well some chocholates for the children. Here you see Paul LeCossec (left) and Marcus Heinzmann (right).

They majority of these children live in horrible conditions. Here Hamish MacGregor is visiting them and spent some time with them to listen their sorrows. Each child receive here a warm sleeping-bag.

As an exempel for many huts in Rascol, you see this one. Patched with plastic foil on the roof, it offers in just one room space for a family with three children. On maximum 6 square meters with clay floor and walls they live in unhuman circumstances.

The "window" is just a hole covered with a blue plastic rubbish bag. The complete equipment contains just one bed (left), a table and a little oven. The second bed (right) was already started to be burnt in a strong cold winter to receive a little warmth.

Children are those who suffer the most under the miserable conditions. Specially for them we want to improve the situation.

Unfortunately villages like Rascol are not an isolated case. Nearby there is an other village called Poiana Blenchii. As well here the people are living, better "vegetate" without any hope of an improvement of their situation. Their drinking water they pick up from that little creek with buckets or in plastic bottles.

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