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Children center Leresti
In the middle of the carpart mountains is located the spa called Leresti. At the outskirts is the quarter Pojorata, where many families live in simple and poor conditions. To help their children we established here a day-care center.

With enthusiasm the children come day by day to sing together, to play and to make handcrafts. In different groups of age the receive care by our co-workers.

Inside their beautiful decorated rooms the children feel visible well. In close co-operation with the public kindergarten, the public elementary school and the local high school, we support these children in their talents and skills.

Bonnie MacGregor (right) share the Gospel to careful listening children in the courtyard of our children-center in Leresti.

With our transports of relief goods we not only equip our own children centers, but also equip the local govermental schools with school furnitures. Here we had the hand-over of a complete class-room equipment with chairs, tables and a blackboard in Leresti. Left side the County school inspector, the school-director and our co-workers.

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