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Children center Dragoslavele
In the middle of the high carpar mountains lay idyllic in a valley the village of Dragoslavele. In time of World War II here was a frontier line between the german army and the red army. Thanks to a generous donation we could purchase a beautiful piece of land on the edge of the forest.

The surrounding mountains and deep forests are still the envirement of wild bears and wolves. Specially in cold nights during fall these wild animals comes until the huts of the village and kill chained dogs and even horses. The village road is not asphalted and only during summer a little bit romantic.

Many children live here and have less usefull activity. Lack of hygienic, a high rate of analphabetic among the parents, as well as the generell poverty are not a good condition for a carefree future.

With their own hands of our co-workers and the children parents we built a future day-care center. Also many children come as "little helpers" for minor works with joy and hardly wait to see THEIR children center to be completed. The opening is scheduled for autumn 2009.

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