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Children center Brateiu
In close neighborhood to the city od Medias is the former saxony village of Pretai, today Brateiu. Here we purchased in 1996 a old house, renovated it with the parents help and extend it to double size.

Daily more than 122 children in different age comes together in different groups, to make their homeworks for school and use their leisure useful.

Daily they make their homeworks under competent supervision by our co-workers. Due to additional private lessons many of our children become they best of their classes in public school. So our day-care centers receive several times the praise of the goverment school authorities in Romania.

Many of the children remain after completing their homeworks in the center and spent their leisure with singing, making music, play and make handcrafts. So we support their creativity.

Young girls receive close to end of their school days by wish an education as tailor. With enthusiasm they learn to make for themselves and other to make school bags, shoppingbags, rucksacks, curtains and clothes. After completing the education they receive their own sewing machine, to make them self-employed.

A little selection of self-produced bags, kitchen aprons, rucksacks, etc. (left). Group photo with the vistors Paul LeCossec (France) and Marcus Heinzmann (Germany).

Brateiu is a beautiful village with a good fabric of buildings. But a the outskirts is Brateiu-Vale, the poor quarter where most of our children lives. Here the huts are made by clay and wood with a accordingly worse isolation. During wintertime it´s extremly cold with temperatures of -20°C and more.

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