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Children center Agresteu
In the fruitful plaints of Transsylvania is located the village of Agresteu. The people here live in hard poverty.

To open a perspective of a better future for the plenty children, we started a children day-care center. The childeren gather daily and receive care from our local co-workers.

Thanks many distribution actions of used clothes brought from Germany, we could cloth several times the children. Also they receive daily food. With bright shining eyes the come every day to "their children center".

Together they sing and make music, learn poems and listen to exicting stories. Also together they do their homeworks, to improve their marks at school.

In such houses, better called huts, live these children. In winter rain drop through the leaking roofs, through the glassless windows cold wind is blowing. Despite barefoot in mud at temperature arround +5° this girl did not lost a smile.

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