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Home "W" in Karnataka
In the Indian caste system girls have less privilege than boys. Often families put pressure on pregnant woman to abort unborn girls. Girls in poor families have mostly no chance to receive a proper education, as the parents prefer to help their boys only. Therefor we opened a new home for 50 girls in Karnataka to help them.

Dressed in beautiful green clothes the girls present a handcraft gift from children of Romania. Here we support a partnership between these girls in India and a children center in Romania.

Joyfully the children gather with their visitors from Germany: Graziano Gangi (l), Marcus Heinzmann (m) and Antonio DeRosa (r).

Our co-workers (left) affectionate take care for these girls day by day

In 2008 we receive a donated land to built up a proper building for our girls. Here they have more space and playground arround.

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