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Children in poverty
Among the Indian population of 1.1 billion people are more than 414 million children. The majority are living in great poverty and without any hope for a better future.

Children Homes in India
Children from poorest background, as well as semi- and full orphants, find admission, security and affectionate love and care in our homes.

Poverty in Romania

The need in thousand of villages in Romania is indescribable. Crop failure and strong winters hits specially the poor. Especially children suffers malnutrition, less hygiene and seasonal clothing. Barefoot in the snow is often seen,

Day-Care Centers in Romania

Children from poorest conditions come daily in our day-care centers and receive affectionate care through our local co-workers.

We do actual voluntary social work in different districts of Romania.

Vocational training in India
To give our children from our homes a long term perspective, we offer them after completing high school a vocational training. In our training center at Bangalore young people receive various job educations.

Vocational training in Romania
Because of high unemployment rate older youths have no chance to get a vocational training, so we started to built up a own Training-Center. In this Carpentry our youths will learn the needed skills.

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